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Shanghai Zenith EPC Project Total

Shanghai Zenith EPC Project Total

As an important support for establishing the enterprise brand image, service plays a vital role in the process of modernized production and sales. For the sand and aggregate industry, massive projects, huge money and personnel and time –consuming production line operation all become important factors that affect customer investment benefits.

The total package service of Shanghai Zenith EPC project is specially designed as a "turnkey" service project aimed at customers' demands on production convenience. In the construction of production line, this service runs through various links, including onsite investigation, process design of production lines, raw material test, requirement analysis of finished products, budget of investment costs, equipment installation and debugging, thus ensuring the orderly progress of projects. Such kind of internationalized project management mode is different from the traditional one, mainly shown in its incomparable superiority.

The Differences between Project Total-package Service and Traditional Service:
Compared with the traditional contracting management mode, EPC project total-package service mode boasts great advantages, but not all enterprises have EPC project total-package skills. As the strong performer in internal crushing and milling industry, Zenith provides high-quality EPC project total-package service for customers by virtue of its strong soft and hard power.

1. Main Features:

Throughout the project total-package service, Zenith will itself take on a series of tasks, including the design, production, installation and commissioning of crushing and milling production lines, which will greatly guarantee the convenience, safety and speediness of construction; while the traditional project service requires both sides to coordinate in each link, which is quite complicate.

2. Project Progress Coordination:

Shanghai Zenith project total-package service is coordinated by Zenith engineers; it belongs to internal coordination, so the coordination workload is quite small; while the traditional project is coordinated by owners; it belongs to external coordination, so the coordination workload is much larger.

3. Investment Costs:

Among EPC project total-package service, the one-stop service is beneficial to the realization of overall arrangement, which then better reduces customer investment costs; the traditional project service will bring about larger communication costs and time costs than those of EPC model, which are not easily controllable.

4. Project Duration:

Compared with traditional project service, project total-package service can improve construction efficiency to the uttermost because of its short project duration and fast operation. Meanwhile, all the risks during this project will be borne by Zenith, thus maximizing customers' benefits.

Innovation points of EPC Project Total-package Service:

1. Customized and Integrated Solutions:

In view of the differences of customer requirements, the customized production line is a highlight of Zenith services. Based on customer demands and on-site plans, Shanghai Zenith exclusively arranges various parts, including scheme design, equipment list, project costs, installation and debugging, project checkup as well as designs special process according to special requirements. For customers, an integrated solution can save a lot of time and money.

2. High-efficient Project Operation Skills:

Shanghai Zenith still upholds the service concept "immediate response, efficient communication". Now Zenith boasts 6 large manufacturing bases and a team of professional, high-efficient engineers, who will strictly control each construction part, especially in such industries as environmental protection, logistics, process, production, quality control and inspection, thus ensuring rapid and efficient progress of projects.

3. Professional and Comprehensive Service Ability

As a responsible manufacturing and marketing enterprise, Shanghai Zenith adheres to provide first-class and convenient service for customers whether before sales or after sales. During the past three decades, we have continuously surveyed and collected multiple problems with customers. Meanwhile, we have also established corresponding data systems and set matched service plans, from which customers can enjoy a comprehensive, timely and convenient service upon contacting with Zenith to create higher value.

A Case of Project Total - package Service:

The Pulverized Coal Project with Annual Yield of 1 million tons in Shandong

  • Customer address: Shandong province
  • Equipment: four sets of MTW 215 Euro-type Mill (the second phase); equipment for assorted feedings, powder processing, dust extraction, transportation, stockpile and nitrogen protection.
  • Processing material: coal
  • Finished product: pulverized coal
  • Feeding Granularity: < 50 mm
  • Granularity: 200 meshes screen 80%
  • Capacity: a pulverized coal project with annual yield --- 1 million tons, the second phase

Customer Evaluation: due to the large scale of this coal production line and higher demands on coal quality, we are very prudent in the choice of manufacturers. After long-time inspection, we finally choose the equipment of Shanghai Zenith. We have received professional solutions and services from onsite inspection to installation and debugging. Now, the four milling equipment all runs very well with capacity surpassing designed capacity.